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Our history

José Félix da Silva was born in 1910 from a family with professional roots in agriculture.


In 1949 , together with the two oldest sons(of eleven..) decided to open a ‘Oficina de Calçado’ (Traditional small shoe factory) and started to produce leather sandals that were sold to the fishermen of the nearby Portuguese Atlantic coast.

From there the commitment to quality, confort, and top craftmanship are till today core values of the business.


The shoe making in the traditional way by ‘Sapateiros’ (shoemakers), with top quality materials are in the family blood and soul.


Since then, many years passed and now 3rd generation carry on the legacy and reach for worlwide distribution of family’s special handcrafted shoes and brands.


Now, several types of shoe production are skillfull managed in our shoe factory, but allways maintaining the core values of old times: small production series, top quality and skilled craftmanship.


Development and production partner for clients from all over the world , challenges are part of Felix da Silva Shoemakers daily routine.

If interested to be our next partner for distribution of our special lines, brands or shoes, please contact us.


FelixdaSilva Shoemakers

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